Light Duty Propane Burners

Each of the burners below have a rating of 15000 BTUs. These low pressure propane cookers are great for camping, hunting, or at home for that extra pot. Three types of cookers are available.

Single Propane Burner

Single Burner

Propane Stove


Double Propane Burner

Double Burner

Propane Stove


Triple Propane Burner

Triple Burner

Propane Stove


Heavy Duty Propane Burners

Each of the heavy duty burners have a rating of 35000 BTUs burner.  These low-pressure propane cookers have three adjustable valves for each burner to give a perfect control of the amount of flame needed.  Perfect for those times when more BTUs are required.

Single Propane Burner
Heavy Duty Single Burner

Cast Iron Cookers


Double Propane Cast-Iron Cooker
Heavy Duty Double Burner

Cast Iron Cooker